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Elite Faerie Glen Plumbers is a leading Faerie Glen plumbing company that features a complete line-up of services for our residential and commercial customers.

Faerie Glen Plumbers maintain a high standard by helping you remain focused on your life & work, not on your plumbing needs. Faerie Glen Plumbers feature experienced licensed plumber who are experts at what they do. Our plumbing services include general plumbing, new plumbing construction, blocked drains, geysers installations and repairs, old pipe replacement, to name a few.

We have built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service. If you are looking for reliable plumbing services, you can count on the experts at Faerie Glen Plumbers to fulfil all of your plumbing needs.

We also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services, because we know that plumbing emergencies don’t occur during normal business hours. If you have a plumbing emergency at your home or business, you can contact us for the expert help you need.

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From Elite Faerie Glen Plumbers


Experienced Faerie Glen Plumber

If you require a Plumber in Faerie Glen urgently, call us now! We are available day and night. We will be there to serve you with the best plumbing solutions.

Affordable Faerie Glen Plumber

At Faerie Glen Plumbers we believe that our affordable prices help us to maintain our happy customer base, that and our high-quality workmanship!

Emergency Faerie Glen Plumber

We are a full service Plumbing contracting company. Our plumbers are highly experienced and capable of taking care of all your plumbing needs.

State-Of-The-Art Plumbing Solutions

Our plumbers continually stay informed and rely on the latest plumbing solutions to supply our customers with the best service in Faerie Glen.

More than just a Plumbing Company

The Best Plumbers in Faerie Glen

We have been covering Faerie Glen with plumbing solutions for the past 20 years. Our aim is to provide Quality Services, while it’s known that our prices are unbeatable.

Our aim is to set standards, not just to meet them. Whether you need your drain unblocked, a geyser replacement, a full bathroom renovation or a large commercial project, you will be glad you chose Faerie Glen Plumbers.

Faerie Glen Plumbing Services

We offer a variety of commercial and residential plumbing services in Faerie Glen & Surroundings

Faerie Glen Plumbing Repairs & Installations

Professional Plumbers in Faerie Glen

If you are in need of a plumber to visit your home or business for maintenance or installation services, make a call to Faerie Glen Plumbers. We are a licensed and insured plumbing company that employs certified plumbers with years of experience. Whether you need to replace your geyser or have your drain cleaned, our professionals can handle the job. Never risk your plumbing, an essential system of your home and/or business, to an inexperienced operator. Not only could it be a waste of your money, you can risk more damage to your pipes. Instead, rely on the professional plumbers of Faerie Glen Plumbers for all your plumbing requirements.
We pride ourselves on providing professional and efficient plumbing services to all our customers across Faerie Glen.

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Blocked Drain Cleaning in Faerie Glen

Whether it is a toilet, sink, bath, basin or shower at Faerie Glen Plumbers we can unblock them all.

Blocked Drains are among the most common Plumbing Problem that gets reported on a daily basis across Faerie Glen. As the Sewer lines gets older there is more maintenance involved. Drains might need a thorough clean out every 4 to 6 months in order to keep the pipe clear of any obstructions caused by built up of hard-to-flush materials like sanitary products, paper towels and wipes alternatively the case of the blockage could be a result of roots that have entered the pipe system.
We make use of CCTV Pipe Inspection. Utilizing the camera inspection equipment allows us to thoroughly investigate your drain pipe inside. The Pipe might be broken, collapsed or may have been blocked up by roots, rubble, mud, etc. A detailed report can be provided after every camera inspection.
Whether you have a small clog or a major blockage in your drain, call us today for drain cleaning in Faerie Glen.

Faerie Glen Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Experts In Faerie Glen

At Faerie Glen Plumbers, we believe that drain cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your residential and commercial plumbing systems.  We have 20 years of experience, knowledge and the tools necessary to ensure that your drains run free and clear at all times.
We use proven techniques for drain cleaning across Faerie Glen. You can trust us to know the best ways to care for your drains. Our drain maintenance services prevent blockages and help you avoid major repairs in the future from clogged drains.
Whether you’re having an issue with your bath, shower, toilet, sink, floor drain, laundry, main sewer drain or rain gutter, if it’s a clogged drain we can clean it. Our experienced technicians have been trained to identify any clogged drain, clean the drain properly, and help you to prevent any of your drains from clogging in the future.

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Faerie Glen Leak Detection

Let Faerie Glen Plumbers Stop Your Water Leaks

It’s often difficult to determine if you have a foundation leak, and we at Faerie Glen Plumbers are here to do a thorough inspection to pinpoint the problem and determine the best ways to fix it. We offer slab leak detection in Faerie Glen & surroundings.
Slab leaks can be caused by natural shifting, corroded pipes, bent pipes, or improper installation. These are essentially leaks inside or under your home’s foundation. Our expert technicians in slab leak repair in Faerie Glen are available to repair your home once you notice a foundation leak.
Our plumbers are experts and use state of the art, modern technology to detect a leak. This enables us to effectively locate the leak in your pipe without unnecessary digging up and damaging your property.

Faerie Glen Plumbing Renovations

Home renovations, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations, can get very expensive if they are not planned properly. At Faerie Glen Plumbers we will take the time to discuss your plumbing requirements and work with you to design a plumbing system that will run effectively. We also provide the most up to date and innovative solutions and products for your home that are both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.
Through innovation, planning and use of quality systems we take pride in providing you with the highest level of customer service. From design to implementation our experienced team provides the expertise needed to ensure that the plumbing system of your newly renovated home is completed within critical time schedules and budgets.

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Faerie Glen Residential Plumber

Our goal is to keep your residential plumbing system functioning properly on a regular basis so your home runs smoothly and your plumbing functions properly. We know that plumbing problems don’t always happen on a convenient time frame, and we strive to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that you have what you need. Call us when you need a residential plumber in Faerie Glen.
We know you have choices when it comes to choosing a residential plumbing service, and we are proud of our 90% customer retention rate that shows that our customers come back to us again and again when they need plumbing maintenance, repairs or replacements. We have over 20 years of experience working with different plumbing systems, and we are confident that we can handle any plumbing problem that you may have. As technology has advanced, we have adapted our methods to keep up with the latest trends, but kept our commitment to customer service the same.
We offer maintenance, repair and replacement for any part of your plumbing system, and our professional technicians can help you choose the right products for your home. We complete residential plumbing repairs quickly and efficiently to minimize wasted time on your end.

Faerie Glen Commercial Plumber

At Faerie Glen Plumber, we have over 20 years of experience repairing and maintaining commercial plumbing systems around Faerie Glen. We are focused on creating a customer service experience that is unparalleled, and our commercial plumbers are experienced in handling any type of issue with your plumbing.
We know that your business can’t function properly when you have plumbing problems, and we will respond quickly every time you call. Whether you have a simple problem, like leaky toilets, or major pipe damage, call us any time of the day or night to assist.
We use state of the art equipment to provide our customers with the best commercial plumbing repair service available in Faerie Glen.

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Faerie Glen Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing problems tend to occur at the most inconvenient times. Thankfully, there’s no such thing as a bad time to call us at Faerie Glen Plumbers. We provide emergency plumbing services, including during holidays and weekends. If your plumbing system is giving problems, you can’t afford to wait out the issue, and we make sure you never have to. All it takes is one phone call! We’ll send someone to your home and/or office promptly.
Our Faerie Glen emergency plumbing repairs are designed to prevent further damage. Because of this, we make sure our customers can reach an experienced plumbing technician at any time of the day or night. We’ll bring along state-of-the-art equipment and a truck fully equipped with the parts and tools we may need. We’re prepared for any job, no matter its scope.

Why Choose Faerie Glen Plumber

Faerie Glen Plumber features highly skilled and certified plumbers who enjoy their craft. As many homeowners know, having a reliable plumber just a phone call away is a huge comfort! We don’t just unblock drains and install new geysers. We provide peace of mind. When you contact us for any of our residential or commercial plumbing solutions, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with efficiency, expertise, and an affordable price.

Excellent Customer Service

We’re proud that more than 90% of our customers return when having plumbing problems.

Highly Trained & Certified

We only hire knowledgeable, skilled technicians and service representatives.

Flexible Appointments

We are available 24/7 and we can schedule appointments according to your calendar.

Quality Products & Service

Our technicians will listen to your needs and recommend the best plumbing solution for you.

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